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How to take a measurement correctly Print

To make a comfortable harness system it is necessary to pay attention to your personal anatomic features. Regarding this, in the checkout form there are several measurements. To get correct figures, one needs to find precise spots on the body and conduct the measurement properly.

Torso height. This is the shortest distance between infraclavicular fossa and the upper edge of iliac crest. This bone is easy to find  you wear the belt of classic jeans right here. Do not bend or deeply inhale while taking measurements. The soft tape measure should lie almost straight alongside of the nipple. This measurement is represented as a red arrow on the picture.

Diagonal. This is the distance from that very infraclavicular fossa to the resurrection bone across the shoulder diagonally. Resurrection bone is a false vertebrae in the lower part of the spine that look like an upside triangle. It is sometimes called tail base, but in fact tail base is the downward corner of this triangle. The measurement should be taken from the centre of the triangle. Purple arrow on the pic.

Grasp of a belt behind is a measurement taken around the body from the leading edge of haunch bone on the one side to the same bone of the other side. The blue arrow on the pic.

Grasp of a thigh. The measurement is a little bit specific: it is taken right like your leg strap grasps your thigh. Pick up a starting point on the iliac crest and pass the tape measure around the thigh back to the starting point. The green arrow on the pic.

While taking the measurements be attentive and make 2 or 3 tries. If the results of one and the same measurement differ within 1 centimeter, write down the averaged values. If you get more significant difference, apply for the help of somebody more experienced or contact us.

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