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The description.

B.A.S.E. container Acrobat it is developed in view of specificity of jumps on acrobatics and specificity of jumps in city conditions. The basic difference from other similar designs is its softness and small weight.

All elements of container, the testing raised loadings, mortgage elements of safety flaps are executed from tapes type13.

It considerably reduces risk of a hook at an output . Besides soft container is much more compact, borrows much less places in yours stash bag. By virtue of the softness container sits on the case much more comfortably, does not constrain movements that is rather actual in acrobatic jumps. Same this promotes the design back of container.

Owing to it at any rotations and positions of a body container "does not walk" on a back, and the lug of a "jellyfish" always remains there where you have put it, and in a critical situation you should not search for it.

As an option execution of a back and foot grasps with use of a "breathing" grid, or 3d Spacer Foam is accessible.
     To look a photo Acrobat containers .


The container:with not sewn up corners. It is carried out in two variants - without dynamic corners


 and with dynamic corners

 Both of a variant allows to canopy to leave freely from container in tracking due to absence sewn up corners of the container.

Completely closed 3-ring unit.

It is  is reliably covered from contact to elements of a design of object, such, for example, as rusty ladders. As the option is accessible a design with semi opened 3-ring unit.

Safety flap of bridle an original design.

Not looking at the softness reliably closes pins and bridle, not detaining their output at opening. The risk of inadvertent disclosing because of gearing for an element of design object is structurally considerably lowered.

Harness. It is carried out as from domestic tape ЛТКПо1600 (explosive effort of 1600 kg), or from tape type8. With use of the checked up domestic  or import hardware . You can order rings on hip, carbines on foot grasps, on the chest crosspiece  or harness without 3-ring system, when the risers being an element of harness.

As option, on the left foot grasp the pocket for stash bag can be executed. In area of the chest crosspiece from the inside, the pocket for trifles, type of an inhaling, elastic bands, etc. is made.

For "gourmets" are offered flexible pins from a yellow cable. Not looking that they demand attention and leaving of much greater, rather than traditional steel, the risk подклинивания is much less than them.

     Download order form (eng.).

     If you are the user  Acrobat and you have any remarks or offers on its design and convenience of use, send them to us on mail.

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